Full Stack RPO

Full Stack RPO

A single recruiting solution that works on all aspects of the recruiting process and adds value throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle.

Where does the term 'Full Stack' RPO originate?
The term 'full stack' is derived from the software engineering methodology of 'full stack development.'  A full stack developer is an engineer able to work on the front end, the middleware and the back end of an application. Hub’s unique Full Stack RPO provides its clients with a full stack recruiting solution of talent, technology and training. Like a full application in software (front end, middleware and backend), all three recruiting aspects (talent, technology and training) should be understood and integrated to be full stack.
What are the three T’s in Hub's full stack?
The three T’s are Talent, Technology and Training. It is the integration of these three T’s that make Hub so unique and effective.
Talent - Our Hub recruiters work closely with candidates and hiring managers throughout the sourcing, interviewing, offer and onboarding stages.
Technology - Our Hub.jobs ATS (applicant tracking system), as a mobile app, tracks each candidate throughout the interviewing process, making each step more efficient with its easy auto-scheduling, interview question library and hiring analytics.
Training - Our clients can make sure that interviewers are asking the right questions so that the right candidates are getting hired by using Hub's internal recruiter training platform.

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"I simply cannot say enough about Hub Recruiting and the great talent acquisition strategy that they have put in place.  Their integrated solution of providing recruitment, ATS, and training rolled into one hourly price effectively enables me to implement the perfect amount of resource at the exact time of need.  Stellar service coupled with a stellar model."

- Thomas G. Aurelio
Chief HR Officer

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