Hub Recruiting University

Continual Learning on How to Hire


About Hub Recruiting University

How does the University work?

The University is accessed online and mobile. With a username and password, anyone can access a full library of videos and tutorials about recruiting, sourcing and interviewing.

What kind of topics does it cover?

The University has basic and advanced courses on sourcing and interviewing. It provides an interview summary on every function in a company based on how different organizations develop as they grow, while clearly explaining how a company will develop as it goes through each stage of growth. Tools to help with sourcing and new topics are regularly being added.

Are there quizzes or tests?

Yes. Many of the tutorials have an exam. These are used by Hub’s recruiters as they add new skills. Hub clients are welcome to use these exams to test their own knowledge.

What problems does this solve?

The University solves three problems:

It allows Hub’s recruiters and sourcers to continually and consistently be trained on the latest and greatest trends and tools in recruiting.

It gives Hub’s clients a competitive advantage by having access to a consistent and repeatable training platform at no cost as they grow.

It allows a client’s internal team and their Hub recruiting team to be completely synchronized on approach, terminology, process, knowledge, experience level and shared goals.

Is it free and who can access it?

The University is a free, online learning platform for all Hub recruiters and the employees of all Hub clients.

How can I get access ?

All Hub clients are provided with a username and password.

Do I get certified at the end?

Hub’s recruiters do get certified inside Hub as they progress through the various levels of knowledge. A client’s employees can also get certified if they wish as they progress.

How did HRU get started?

It started as the convergence of two issues: the need for an expanded internal training program at Hub and the high number of Hub’s clients that requested training on interviewing, interview process optimization, recruiting pipeline analysis and quality-of-hire optimization.  Building a free, two-sided training platform was the obvious answer.

Why is it free?

Hub’s mission is to give it’s clients every possible competitive advantage as they grow by finding new ways to improve the recruiting process. Giving Hub’s clients access to Hub’s internal recruiting training platform at no cost fulfills that mission.