Candidate sourcing has become the new buzzword in talent acquisition.  Good firms find good people, but exceptional firms hire exceptional talent because they understand how to CONVERT top candidates to HIRES. 
Here are nine factors to consider through the recruiting process and why our TAPO process orientation might be right for you. 
  1. Qualifications of the candidate versus the role itself. Can your hiring team identify and focus on the key factors of the job spec?
  1. Understanding the Evaluation Quadrant. Does your hiring team grasp the interview process and why key factors such as role, culture, intelligence, and leadership impact the hire?
  1. Scoring the Candidate. Has your firm adopted a qualitative and quantitative method to evaluate candidates?
  1. Interview Committee. Do you have the right people involved in the interview process?
  1. Does your firm have a method to provide immediate feedback to both the candidate and hiring team?
  1. Testing & skill based evaluation. Does your firm administer skill based methods during the interview process?
  1. Decision process.  Have you established a hierarchy for candidate assessment?
  1. Offer analysis.  Is your offer competitive in the marketplace?
  1. Onboarding.  Is your onboarding process effective and efficient?

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"From the moment we really sat down with Hub and looked at the comparative analysis of our business to when we actually implemented a completely new process involving lots of people, rolled out training, had a whole new ATS process implemented, was six weeks. We made a huge change very quickly and hiring immediately ramped up following that process."
- John Shea
VP, Mid-Market Sales

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