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"I can’t begin to say enough about how fantastic Hub Recruiting is.  AppNeta partnered with Hub Recruiting as we were building out our Talent Management Team. Hub played an amazing role in helping to fill sales and engineering roles. The Hub recruiting team was an extension of the AppNeta recruitment team. Without their assistance we would have not been able to build our top of the funnel talent pool and identify some top talent."

- Nicole Hart,
Human Resources Director

"In a competitive Boston market, Hub provided us a terrific pipeline of qualified candidates that helped us fill key positions. Hub ramped up quickly, was adept at understanding our talent needs, helped coach our interviewing team, and represented our culture throughout the recruiting process. They went above and beyond to help us on the HR front as well. The value Hub brought to Ovuline exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to any early stage company that is looking to jumpstart their recruiting process."

- Paris Wallace,
Ovia Health

"Hub did an excellent job for us in filling a key executive role. By taking the time to understand our company's mission and values, they quickly created a robust pipeline of candidates, expertly qualified them, sold the best ones on the opportunity, and listened to our feedback to home in on a great hire."

- Mike Baker

"At Nexage we have worked with Hub Recruiting for 2+ years.  They have been a key strategic partner for us as we've built our team, managing the full cycle of sourcing, recruiting and onboarding for us, driving strong results, understanding our culture, and bringing us top performers who could thrive within that culture.  I highly recommend them to those looking for a partner in building out your company's team."

- Ernie Cormier



"Have you ever worked with an exec recruiter and felt like a commodity? In many cases they call you when they need you, and lose interest once things are turning cold without even making a follow up call to close the loop or give feedback. 

This is not the case with Hub. You are a person, and they will represent you as you would with full transparency and respect. You will never feel that they are not 100% on your side and just trying to close a transaction. I was lucky and honored to experience it after many years in the industry where personal relationships are essential.  As my first successful placement with an exec recruiting firm, Hub demonstrated that it could be a different experience. Highly recommended!"

- Koby Avital



I partnered with Hub Recruiting earlier this year after our company went into another growth spurt.  We picked Hub based on its outstanding reputation for working with high growth tech companies.  We wanted more than a recruitment agency to fill an open position. We wanted a strategic partner that could help us hire the right people for the roles and our culture.  Hub has definitely fulfilled this tenfold.  They truly understand how to find amazing hires that will help us push our business forward.

- Ashley Raus
Director, People Strategy

"When we have an increased need, we ramp up our activity with Hub Recruiting. When we have a decreased need – when we’re set for a little while – we can change and winnow it off to a minimal expense. That, I’ve been really appreciative from a cash flow standpoint. From a demand standpoint it’s been a really efficient and effective relationship."

- Lee Maxey
Founder & CEO



"The guidance that Hub provided us really helped us to stick with a great timeline and move things through fast. We accomplished this entire framework in less than a quarter which is truly amazing. This process has helped Criteo as a whole to become more efficient, to tackle the challenge of getting candidates to pick up the phone or to answer questions and that’s been incredibly beneficial to us."

- Jessica Breslav
Managing Director, Mid-Market Americas

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