Backend Developer - Boston, MA




As a Backend Developer at indico, you will be writing the software that powers Indico’s award winning Intelligent Process Automation product and keeps our servers running smoothly.  You’ll be writing lots of Python and learning tons about using Neural Networks to process all kinds of text documents on a large scale. You’ll also be working to deploy our services on Amazon & Google’s cloud platforms but we’re sure you have lots of experience with at least one of those.



    • Build out internal APIs to power indico’s customer facing app
    • Continue to improve our suite of tools to automate deployment on cloud platforms like AWS.
    • Find and address performance bottlenecks
    • Package and release new machine learning APIs into the wild



    • Self-directed and active learner
    • Fluent in Python
    • Experience with Amazon and/or Google’s cloud platform
    • Strong knowledge of Linux
    • Understand the need for testing and do so regularly
    • Prioritizes clean, maintainable code
    • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    • Database expertise
    • Distributed systems expertise
    • Experience working in a multi-threaded / asynchronous environment



    • An interest in machine learning
    • Likes to laugh
    • Docker experience
    • Familiarity with Redis / PostgreSQL / Elasticsearch
    • Kubernetes experience
    • Experience in API design and documentation
    • Expertise in load balancing, network security, or fault-tolerant systems


About Us

Indico is a machine learning company turning unstructured text and image data into actionable insight. We are looking for an experienced backend developer that wants to make a difference in a challenging domain and help apply indico’s machine learning technology at scale.


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