3 Reasons why we should all try social recruiting

It’s no secret that recruiters are constantly on LinkedIn -- it’s almost impossible to imagine what recruiting was like before LinkedIn. As great as LinkedIn is for reaching passive candidates, other social media outlets can also be an effective way to reach people. Bombarding users with InMails is not always the best way to find that perfect hire. What other tools that can complement outreach on LinkedIn? Or, what other social outlets could even be better?

Hub Recruiting is trying a new way of using social recruiting through Twitter, and here is why you should, too.

It’s a unique way to reach potential candidates. Yes, LinkedIn is a great way to find specific people that fit the criteria for the job you are working on, but think about how many other recruiters are pursuing the same person with a similarly contrived InMail. Contacting them in a different way, such as a tweet, can make your message stand out in a crowd of hundreds of InMails.

It’s a great way to connect with Millennials. Looking for candidates right out of college, or with only a few years of experience? You can most likely find them on Twitter. Active users of social media, like most millennials, often use sites like Twitter through a phone app. Have you ever seen a millennial without a phone glued to their hand? Sending a direct message on Twitter will go straight to their device, and straight to their eyes, immediately. Whether it is a positive or negative response, it speeds up the process. 

#Hashtags help active candidates find you easily. Using the right #hashtags can help bring traffic to your tweet. For example, the tweet below is from one of our recruiters at Hub. If someone searches for any of the below hashtags, this tweet will show up. Hashtags are easy way to get your information out there and connect with active candidates.


As our society becomes even more technology driven, Twitter is a way to keep up. Trying new avenues to find top talent requires a little creativity, but it will pay off in the end!

Have any suggestions on how to succeed with social recruiting? Let us know below!