3 Things to Be Scared of During Your Job Search

Being that it is Fall and the spookiness of Halloween comes along with it, there can be nothing scarier than beginning the hunt for your new or next career move.

Whether you are a recent grad or a seasoned candidate, starting the search for a new career opportunity can be spooky.  Here are some tips to overcome your job search fears and get you through the maze of finding the door to the right company.


1. What If You Hate the Job You Get?

To avoid this feeling lurking in your gut, do your research! It is just as important to know about company culture as it is what they will be paying you. When you start your search here are some tricks to finding the right fit:

  • Utilize the internet (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google) to find out as much as you can and to see what current and past employees say about the company.
  • Make sure the location is realistic. Look at different commute times on Google Maps. Does  the company offer remote opportunities?
  • If you have a kid or a pet, how accommodating is the office?


2. You’re Scared You Won’t Stand Out!

Maybe you're just out of college and new to the job market or maybe you have a few years behind you and you’re worried you will be overlooked.

To avoid these pitfalls:

  • Update your resume.
  • Take a look at your social media presence. This can be a positive or negative depending on the industry.
  • Presentation of your resume and yourself are huge. A smile goes a long way.


3. Are You Qualified for the Job? Over-qualified?

It’s not a good long-term plan to take a job just to have a job. You should actually take time to ponder what your goals are and if the company you are looking at aligns with these goals.  Here are some things to think about when an offer is made:

  • Will you be challenged in this role or will you get bored after a few months?
  • Will you feel overall satisfaction with the work you will be doing?
  • Will you fit into the culture and the company’s expectations?

The right preparation and confidence will set you up for success. Good luck on your search!


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