4 unexpected lessons learned from kids

Posted by Mollie Codyer on Aug 25, 2015 11:51:42 AM

Screen_Shot_2015-07-16_at_12.24.53_PMYou may be thinking, what does a girl who doesn’t have any children know about kids?

Well, my freshman year of college I majored in Early Childhood Education. The following summer I worked at a camp and discovered that taking care of other people’s children was not something I could do every day for the next 40 years. That being said, I did learn a lot from them that I can relate to my life now.

So what can kids teach us about recruiting? Let me tell you…

Be fearless: Let’s face it. Every kid thinks they’re invincible. They climb trees, jump off swings and test the limits with their parents. In the recruiting world we need this mentality. When you get an executive search you need to be fearless and reach out to anyone, in any company, at any level. If something within your company is not working, you need to speak up and suggest ways to improve it. Don’t be afraid to try a new angle or do something out of the ordinary.  

Be transparent: Have you ever had a kid tell you that you look fat, have big eyes or that your shirt is ugly? Kids do not always have a filter, so they say what is on their mind. In the recruiting world, we need to be upfront and honest (respectfully of course). If we are on a call and we realize the person is not working out, we need to let them know what exactly the company is looking for in a candidate and why we think they are not fit for the position. Knowledge is power. If we can give feedback and be transparent with a candidate, they can use that information to improve in their next interview. This does not only benefit the recruiter, but also the person being interviewed as well.

Shake it off: Kids often fall and scape their knees, but they always get right back up. As recruiters we face hardships all the time. We help candidates get to the offer stage, and then they decline. In the recruiting world the decline is our scrape on the knee that sets us back. We just have to get right back up and out there, determined to find an even better candidate.

Have fun: Kids have the best imagination and have fun doing anything and everything! As recruiters we need to make simple things such as headlines fun and interesting to grab people’s attention. Our jobs can get stressful at times but being in an environment where you can unwind and play foosball or shoot hoops makes a big difference. It allows you to take a step back, breathe & refocus.


What other important lessons have your kids taught you? Leave a comment and let us know!


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