5 key resume tips for sales professionals

Posted by Amy Jaimes on May 24, 2016 11:37:52 AM

As I stare at my computer screen and review profiles and resumes all day, it shocks me how many people still don’t know how to comprise an effective professional description of themselves.  Resume writing is accessible in high schools and college, but people still seem to miss some of the most important parts of their professional background. How can you omit the most important substance of your profile?

Follow these five tips to make sure your resume stands out in the crowd of other sales professionals.

  1. Include your contact information at the top of your resume or LinkedIn
    • This includes email, phone number, or LinkedIn URL. This simple change makes your profile easily accessible, especially if the person looking at your resume only skims through.
  2. List what you do on a daily basis
    • The trend I see on LinkedIn is that everyone includes information about the company they work for, but not what they do there. Although giving some insight into your company helps, make sure your main focus is on your role.
    • A title is not enough to explain your skills, it is often just a vague description that is on your business card. Go into detail about your everyday work, and you’ll give a much better understanding of your role.
  3. List your skills in prospecting and territories you’ve covered
    • Not all titles are the same at every company, so don’t assume your title says it all.
    • Are you a Lone HUNTER or do you work well with others doing your business development? Make sure to be straight forward about these differences.
    • Showing the territory that you’ve covered is appealing to employers. Make sure to mention where you specifically have sold.
  1. Numbers, numbers, numbers
    • Make sure you include numbers in sales and quotas. Be proud of your accomplishments!
    • Note how much your company has improved since you’ve been there (ie: sales, calls, account increase, etc). These numbers will go a long way, and help differentiate you from other candidates.
  1. Keep it short and to the point
    • Don't over-sell yourself, or you will end up with a lengthy resume that people don't have time to read fully. 
    • Try not to list experience that was too long ago, a short term job, or include volunteer work as an occupation. If you’d like to include your volunteer work, I would suggest adding it to the end of your resume before your education section.

Remember that what you omit is just as important as what you put on a resume or profile.  So make sure it is targeted to the field of industry to which you desire, and you will see more interest in your resume. Have any other tips for sales professionals? Let us know below!

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