5 lessons your company can learn from ‘Friday Night Lights’

Friday Night Lights is a show about the Dillon Panthers, a well-known high school football team in Texas. This show covers the many triumphs as well as many disappointing let-downs in not only football but also the character’s everyday lives. But how does a show about football relate to my company? Well, your office is a team just like the Dillon Panthers and the Dillon Panthers are an organization that strives for success just like your office...but let's dig a little deeper. 

  • The over-whelming feeling that everyone gets when watching Friday Night Lights is TEAMWORK IS KEY.  Whether we are talking about a team or a recruiting agency, it is so important to work together and communicate with your teammates or co-workers to avoid miscommunications and help each other out.
  • FAILURE ISN’T THE END- the Panthers never gave up when they were behind and because of their persistence, fans got to witness many tear-jerking triumphs. Whether you’re working for a start-up or a long standing company, you will experience loss or come upon ideas that won’t work but the important part is how hard you fight to come back. If you don’t try to combat the problems you face, I can promise you that you will not succeed.
  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO BUILD YOU UP- The head coach, Coach Eric Taylor, made sure to do this in all aspects of his life and laid an emphasis on it all throughout the series. Without spoiling anything, he had to make some tough decisions but always ended up following his gut instinct. The people you surround yourself with are so important in both your personal and professional life. If an employee isn’t working out and not benefitting your company in any way, you have to do what is right.
  • ACCEPT CHANGE- Things aren’t always going to go how you imagined. That is very obvious in the show… it’s a TV show after all, it would be boring if things went exactly as planned. Change can expose opportunity for innovation and new expertise; you just need to embrace it first.
  • LEARN FROM MENTORS Coach Taylor acted as a mentor to some particular athletes (Smash Williams) and those athletes ended up doing well for themselves because they had someone who really cared about their success. Finding a mentor today can help you exponentially. There are countless articles from CEO’s and other leaders talking about the importance of mentoring and/or finding a mentor. Not only is it great for networking reasons but they have "been there, done that" so they have genuinely good advice. As for the mentor's benefit, you are given the opportunity to take someone with a passion under your wing and watch and help them grow. It can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Friday Night Lights is not only an amazing and attention-grabbing show, but it also teaches you so many lessons about work, life and relationships. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? If you have, let us know your opinion on the show in the comments.


"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."