My Take on 5 Things That "Require Zero Talent"

Being Prepared

If you want to win the day in a business meeting or interview, do your homework.  Preparation is equal parts effort and research.  It’s amazing how smoothly an interview or meeting will run when all parties as prepared, engaged, and responsive.  




Your first priority should be envisioning how an employee or candidate will impact your clients and your team.  Employees are accountable for time and talent.  Great leaders ensure these don’t go to untapped.


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Body Language

Do you notice a firm handshake, good eye contact, and a relaxed and un-rehearsed smile?  Of course you do, and IT DOES make a difference.  Pay attention to the subtleties of an employee or candidate during an interview.  They tell a lot about a person and their makeup.





Great teams are constructed, trained, and shaped over time.  Rarely do they contain multiple stars, and the team with the most talent does not always bring victory.  There is no "I" in team.  




Being On Time

A mentor once told me, “Early is late and late is lost".  It’s a great lesson for all ages.  Don’t be “that guy".


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The lesson here is that that most talented candidates do not always win the day.   Improve on these items and improve your chances in your next job interview.


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