5 ways being a recruiter has contributed to me being a great mom

Recruiting is a great career for working moms, and I am thankful every day for a great loving family and a profession that I love. My profession has contributed big time in being the proud mom I am today. To be honest, the first year or two, I wasn’t thrilled about being a recruiter, due to the hard work, extreme multi-tasking, and patience needed for the role. I am glad I had great mentors, and that I stayed persistent with my role. It’s not a profession where you can learn from a book easily, but instead you learn during your recruiting journey rollercoaster ride.

  • Recruiting is a critical role for any company because it defines the future of the company. Growth is very proportionate to the quality of hire, and so is raising kids because their future is dependent upon how he or she is being raised. An experienced recruiter can manage multi-tasking kid’s activities and recruiting calls since neither of them are a nine to five job. Multi-tasking is any good recruiter’s specialty, and I think my profession has prepared me well to be a good juggling mom.
  • My 5 year old often asks me, “What’s the plan for tomorrow, or this weekend?” He always looks forward to the fun and exciting plans mom has planned for him. I didn’t realize while doing the tasks of interview planning and hiring that I got in the habit of being a planner. In turn, this attribute contributes big time in my mommy duties.
  • I can talk to anyone! I have interacted with millions of people in my profession, and interviewed the similar amount. I’ve learned the art of being able to deal with all kinds of people. Kids are very smart, and they can sense the wiggle room in getting their way. Being a recruiter, it’s in my profession to run the gears of candidate conversations and interviews, and it helps me in implementing the rules at home. My kids are mostly very obedient, good listeners and well behaved. A big credit goes to all the interaction tactics I have learned from my recruiting journey thus far
  • Recruiting profession pays well for your hard and smart work, so you can save money for your kids college or earn a quality livelihood for your family. I am happy and feel blessed that my husband and I are able to fulfill almost all of my kids dreams and desires as an outcome.
  • I’ve learned to stay persistent and negotiate big time. My elder son eats almost anything you give him (vegetables, fruits etc.), and believe it or not it’s the negotiation, persistence, and authoritative art I’ve learned from recruitment that has contributed to that. Now even my two year old eats way more food options that most kids his age wouldn’t touch. And they both sleep in their own room too after listening to the bed time story from their recruiter chatty mom.

I can keep bragging about my motherhood treasure and my profession’s contribution, but trust that this is just the glimpse of most recruiter mom’s life. I always highly encourage moms and aspiring moms that recruiting is a great profession to get in to.