6 realistic goals for the New Year

Once the confetti falls and you accept it is time to say goodbye to the holiday season, it becomes a chance to focus on yourself going into the New Year. Although many people set strict and impractical resolutions, I have never been one to stick to any real resolutions. I do think it is important to set goals for the New Year to make sure you are moving forward in your career and overall life, but they don’t need to be so drastic that you give up on them by the end of January. Here is a listof some realistic goals you can set for yourself in the New Year.

  • Become more organized. Tackle that mess on your desk by labeling folders, using sticky notes, and utilize google calendar or an agenda for meetings. You will find yourself saving time and keep your stress low.
  • Remember that hobby you used to love, but got too busy to follow through with it? Make time for it again. Once you revisit it, you will wonder why you ever stopped. Having a hobby you enjoy keeps your mind moving outside of work and gives you something to look forward to.
  • Get more sleep. I know it is hard to turn off Netflix once you are eight episodes deep, but getting enough sleep makes all the difference in how you feel the next day. Instead of reaching for your third cup of coffee the next day, you will find yourself more productive and focused on your work.
  • Travel to a new place. Whether it is Venice, Italy or Portsmouth, New Hampshire- JUST GO. It is exciting to see a new city, and fun to explore the local cuisine and culture with your friends or family.
  • Get moving. Don’t love running? Try biking. Don’t like cardio? Try going skiing with friends or start lifting at the gym. Find something you actually enjoy, and try doing it consistently. You’ll feel more energized, and soon it will be part of your routine instead of feeling like a chore.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are some things that you can’t control, and stressing about them won’t do you any good. Staying positive, especially through these long winter months, will help your everyday life.

Don’t forget that New Year’s resolutions are all about you. Pick a few that fit you, and 2016 will become your best year yet!