Addressing the Millennial Madness

We’ve all heard how millennials have changed the workforce over the past few years, leading everybody to partake in a simultaneous eye roll. The focus is generally on how your company can mold expectations and modify the way you conduct business for the younger generation.

I’ve heard it all. Rumors that the only way to attract millennials is by offering free beer at the end of the day. Or that they’re obsessed with finding the best filter on Instagram instead of getting their work done. These over the top accusations have given Millennials a bad name. It is clear that millennials do things differently than what we’ve seen in the past, but there are good and bad things about that.

Working with millennials may come off as a challenge, but there is a lot to learn from them as well. There isn’t as big of a disconnect between generations as people tend to think. I may be a little bias being a millennial myself, but I do believe it’s important to address. Here is a look at some of the characteristics millennials possess that can help companies understand this ~complex and tech-savvy~ generation.


Millennials are motivated. They want to be moving forward in their career, and in life in general. If not, they get bored. They will celebrate their achievements, but soon after will be looking at what they can accomplish next. In the workplace, they can make a big difference with that tenacity.

They are firm believers in work hard, play hard. There are lags throughout the day, but knowing that once 5pm hits it becomes their own time makes millennials dedicated to getting the job done. Once the work is done, it is time to wind down and take advantage of the time outside of work. But not until they’ve produced high-quality work.

Flexibility is key. Having the ability to do work on comfortable couches, or at home when necessary makes work feel much less daunting. Millennials want to work in a relaxed environment so they can focus on the task at hand.

Millennials are resourceful. If they are confused about something, they will take the time to figure it out on their own. Millennials take the time to self-manage and teach themselves how to do something when expected. If there is a way, they will find it. Getting creative is half the fun.


Lets not create a preconceived idea before working with Millennials. And vice versa! Having multiple generations within a workplace can be a lot of fun learning from each other.  

And the real key to a millennials' heart in the workplace? Letting dogs come into the office regularly. OKAY that part is really my bias opinion.