Mobile phone's role in Recruiting

by Deepthi Murthy on Jun 30, 2015 1:37:34 PM

The growth in mobile phone technology has caused an enormous change in every possible domain one can think of. Mobile phones no longer remain a device to simply make and receive calls from. With the ...

Women in the work place: Professional but Personal

by Brooke Curran on Jun 26, 2015 3:43:00 PM

As much as we may hate to admit it, how you look when you walk into an interview, the first day of a job and just about any day of the job really does matter. First impressions are established within ...

Employee Spotlight: Brian

by Brooke Curran on Jun 24, 2015 3:19:00 PM


Joined: 1 year 3 months ago

Job: ...

Q: Do we really need recruiter notes?

by Gunjan Kuthiala on Jun 23, 2015 9:29:35 AM

A: Yes

 Now, let me explain why:  

A lot of ...

Lose the Job Description

by Eliza Omo on Jun 18, 2015 1:39:48 PM

Believe it or not, Hiring Managers and recruiters are moving away from lengthy, bulleted job descriptions and towards a more performance-based description.  As recruiters, we know that potential ...

Employee Spotlight: Maddie

by Brooke Curran on Jun 17, 2015 10:03:00 AM

Madigan (Maddie) -- Like Cher, a last name would be unnecessary.


The Problem with Contingency Staffing

by Brian Hamilton on Jun 16, 2015 2:10:11 PM

The contingency staffing model is one of the most common choices of talent acquisition for growing ...

Is social media helping or hurting you?

by Brooke Freeburg on Jun 11, 2015 1:35:04 PM


Social Media is everywhere. Try to name someone who hasn’t used, been a part of, or taken advantage of something social media offers… not easy, is it? ...

Employee Spotlight: Anindita

by Brooke Curran on Jun 10, 2015 10:48:00 AM

Anindita (A-Ray)

Joined: April 28, ...

Get moving... at your desk!

by Jagruti Chopra on Jun 9, 2015 10:25:04 AM

"Is my waistline increasing faster than my paycheck?"

Being a worker chained to their desk can ...

5 ridiculous questions asked in a job interview

by Tom Pimm on Jun 4, 2015 1:16:00 PM

Everyone has been on a job interview and been faced with an oddball question. An interview at a prestigious firm can be nerve wracking enough, but then they hit you with a zinger. Here are 5 ...

Boston - An Emerging Powerhouse (and I’ll drink to that)

by Matt Corbett on Jun 2, 2015 10:55:47 AM

In case you haven’t heard, Boston is the next big thing. Of ...