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10 Tips to Help You Get Noticed on LinkedIn


How to Develop Your Hiring Strategy After Raising Your Series B

Matching every aspect of your talent acquisition strategy to meet the market demand for your product/service is the biggest challenge you'll face after raising your Series B funding.

How to Develop a Hiring Strategy After You Raise Your Series A

Your Series A funding is a validation of your vision, your early-stage product, and your marketplace reception. This is the ideal time to capture the interest of your founders and investors’ networks of colleagues, peers, friends, clients, and...

How to Set Up Your Hiring Process After You Get Seed Funding

For many early-stage startups, their limited hiring is unpredictable, ad hoc, and reactive. The founding team is focused on building/validating their product while considering funding options. Referrals are based on serendipity. There is no...

How to Hire After You Get Seed Funding

Hiring for early stage startups with seed funding is essentially an exercise in getting the best talent from the lowest possible spend. Every dollar should be spent knowing that each hire - both effective and ineffective - will have a profound...

How to Score the Candidates You Interview

You've learned what you should focus on when screening candidates. Now, let's take that information and put it in context so you can make actionable hiring decisions.

Four Focus Areas for Interviewing Candidates

We use four main focus areas when evaluating candidates and potential hires. Extracting insights based on these pillars should equip you with a deep understanding of each interviewee as you progress through your hiring process.  

Career Longevity: What We Can Learn from Roger Federer

The 2018 Tennis season is well under way and like many others, I am excited to see how one of greatest and most loved players, Roger Federer, will do this year. He is too old to be a champion; yet he is the oldest man to win Wimbledon, has the most...

How to Handle Pressure

We’ve all been under pressure for one reason or another in our lives and how you handle it says a lot.

Why Diversity is Critical for Tech Leadership Teams

Silicon Valley has, more than ever, been vocal about its standpoint regarding its relatively liberal perspective, often times discussing the importance of inclusion and diversity. However, the major tech giants of the Valley, as well as those based...