Benefits beyond vacation days

Posted by Tara Culnan on May 6, 2016 9:57:24 AM

IMG_1160-6.jpgAs millennials enter the workforce in waves, companies are being forced to sit down and evaluate the benefits offered to their employees. The standard paid time off (PTO) and health benefits package are not cutting it according to recent reports. Employees want their workplace to be both a fun and hardworking environment, and not just a place they feel forced to go to everyday. As the work-life balance evolves, and the “work hard, play hard” attitude becomes increasingly more important, implementing these flexible options might help keep your ever-changing workforce satisfied:

  1. Telecommuting: Personally, having the ability to work from wherever is most comfortable to you is a perk that immediately comes to mind. Many employees, not just millennials, are finding it draining to be chained to a desk for 8+ hours a day. Giving employees some flexibility to work from wherever they want might be beneficial to their productivity. As long as the work gets done, does it really matter where it was done?
  1. Flexible working hours: Everyone has a life outside of work. Knowing that I can comfortably step out in the middle of the day to run errands that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do after hours (i.e. doctor appointments, car appointments, etc.) is a huge stress reliever. As long as I get my work done, it shouldn’t matter when I actually do it. I couldn’t imagine going back to a job where I did not feel comfortable asking if I could step out to take care of personal matters.
  1. Culture perks: This can be anything, and it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a whole lot. Employees like feeling rewarded for their hard work and dedication, and we like feeling comfortable in the workplace. Something as simple as a free lunch once a week can go a long way. Even a potluck where employees bring in their favorite dishes is a fun and cheap way to add variety to the workplace. As for the comfort, companies who invest in comfortable working areas are where it’s at in my opinion. There’s nothing better than being able to step away from your desk to go sit on a couch and listen to music while working. Take it from me, I wrote this while sitting on the company couches listening to Backstreet Boys.

The ability to not feel constricted in the workplace and have that freedom to do what you want is still a pretty new concept. I appreciate those companies who have taken that first step in providing this kind of relaxed environment. Going to work should not just be a means to an end. You spend most of your waking hours at work, you should enjoy it!

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