Best practices: managing a successful recruiting project

Posted by Mollie Codyer on Mar 23, 2016 9:46:13 AM

In the contract recruiting world, we often work with several different clients over time. Some contracts require you to work alone, while others require you to build your own team. With a larger team, there is more room for error. We’re here to give you a few tips and tricks that have helped us build and maintain relationships with our clients while filling their open roles.

Communication with your team

  • Utilize Gmail chat for easy communication to share profiles and ask questions.
  • Encourage recruiters to ask questions about roles and different profiles.
  • Meet weekly with your own team to address any miscommunication.
  • Have at least one weekly call between your firm and the client.

Communication with your candidates

  • Customize LinkedIn messages to address candidates based on skills, interests, education or other details.
  • Scheduling a call within two days of initial dialogue.
  • Maintain good standing with candidates who are not interested to keep communication lines open.
  • Follow-up after calls to provide candidates with any information that would be helpful- blogs, articles on company culture, etc.
  • Share excitement and energy of your client through all communication to ensure excellent candidate experience.

Set expectations

  • Set sourcing standards- Target # of candidates per day, and make sure those goals are realistic.
  • Adjust sourcing standards through the process.
  • Hold information sharing sessions and go over ideal profiles, job descriptions, expectations, etc.
  • Share industry knowledge and keep track of changes in the industry, who may be going through layoffs or organizational change, and familiarity with recruiting trends.

Manage reports

  • Create monthly snapshots to track recruiting performance and forecast goals.
  • Manage recruiter performance and address any issues accordingly.

Fine tune your recruiting process

  • Find a structure that works best with team


  • If you started with all recruiters sourcing and conducting phone screens separately you will have an inconsistent process and quality of candidates submitted.
  • If you split responsibilities between a sourcing team and recruiters for calls,the process will become more streamlined, ensuring candidates had the most enjoyable experience

Share and create brand awareness

  • Share jobs, blogs, recent company news, etc. (Social Media, Linkedin, Glassdoor).
  • Potential candidates may see the posts and become interested.

Stay Organized

  • Use excel to keep track of candidates in the process along with your ATS.
  • Create different folders for different roles or department to manage resumes, templates, reporting metrics and job descriptions.