Q: Do we really need recruiter notes?

Posted by Gunjan Kuthiala on Jun 23, 2015 9:29:35 AM

A: Yes

 Now, let me explain why:  

A lot of times, a candidate’s resume doesn’t do their years and years of experience justice and let’s admit that not everyone in the world is a professional resume writer. That’s where recruiter notes help significantly in understanding the candidate’s background, current situation, personality, expectations, his/her reasons for change and better clarity of candidate’s forte etc. Here are few points to consider:

  • A 1 or 2 page resume can’t disclose all details on any specific skillset the company is hunting for. For instance, a candidate has mentioned AngularJS in his resume but that may not tell us more in-depth details on their experience with it, which is where recruiter notes come in. 
  • Resumes don’t reflect a candidate’s status w.r.t or whether or not a candidate is actively interviewing elsewhere. This vital information can push a Hiring Manager to take action more promptly for a qualified and in demand candidate.
  • It is also important to know that most Hiring Managers are interested to know the “Reason for change” and future expectations and only Recruiter notes can reflect that. It can save time on both parts to know if the expectations of a candidate are within reach for the particular role or if they are not.
  • Rating on communication skills from recruiter notes can help Hiring Managers in advanced decision making.
  • Most job boards don’t provide clarity on work authorization status: whether or not any visa transfer is needed or any Green Card sponsorship. All that job boards reflect is if the candidate is authorized to work for an employer.

From what I have seen in my experience within the recruiting industry, the majority of Hiring Managers appreciate thorough recruiter notes as it saves time when it comes to filtering of the candidate pool, evaluation and decision-making.

Do you have experience with recruiter notes? Let us know your opinion or take on them in the comments down below.


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