Down to the wire: The Triple Crown of Recruiting

Posted by Anya Cromie on Jul 2, 2015 9:33:27 AM

keep-going_o_862515The recent record breaking win at the Triple Crown thoroughbred race by the horse, American Pharaoh is all anybody is talking about. Everyone has an opinion on how to correctly pick a horse that will win at the races yet, despite formulas and experience; we often see our favorite horse coming up short. Why is it so difficult to pick the right horse to win a race?

In recruiting, your results will be all over the place. You’ll experience some incredible highs but just like anything in life, there will also be defeats. Sometimes our favorite candidates just don’t work out despite how much assessment, coaching and interview assistance we provide.

Are you beginning to see why recruiting is like a horse race? No? Okay, let me explain:

  • The Paddocks (the enclosure where horses are trained and exercised): Here we assess the competitors based on skills and past experience, gauge their temperament before the big event and see how they interact with their peers and coaches. Here is an opportunity to identify consistent winners.
  • The starting gate: Everyone starts evenly out of the gate but a few horses will jump into the lead and take a front runner position. If you’re not one of those top three, don’t panic, it’s a long race – settle in and stick with the pack.
  • The first turn: Here it gets interesting – you’re part way along in a race, leaders will start to emerge and the others will drop off. Try not to drop back, persistence and effort can keep you in with the pack. The longer you’re with the leaders, the long you’re a serious contender
  • The final stretch/finish line: What gets it done?  Make yourself stand out from others still in the race; this is the last chance to emerge victorious. Stay connected, it’s all about good coaching and follow through.


Races are about preparation, strategy and strength down to the final stretch. There can only be one winner so learn from your experiences and utilize those skills for the next race!


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