Employee Spotlight: Anya

Posted by Brooke Curran on Aug 19, 2015 10:54:16 AM

AnyaAnya C

Joined: Just under 4 years ago. I was employee number 5!

Job: Full cycle Recruiting

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting? 


Working with different clients and learning about new technologies. Also, the team here is great, I feel lucky to work with such a great group of people in a relaxed work environment

Best piece of advice for job seekers? Everyone will tell you it's always about networking, never under estimate the people you know and how they can help you. Who doesn't like to help people and return the favor!

Fun Fact? I have been obsessed with horses most of my life, they have taught me patience (of which I have none), humility, confidence, strength and that most often, the path is more important than the end result.

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