Employee Spotlight: Maddie

Posted by Brooke Curran on Jun 17, 2015 10:03:00 AM

maddiiieMadigan (Maddie) -- Like Cher, a last name would be unnecessary.

*editor's note: what a diva*



Momma B (Brooke- you’ll meet her in a future Employee Spotlight) started in September, so my first day was probably sometime in October. I don’t remember when exactly because time is hard for me to understand.


  • make sure everyone feels welcome when they walk into the office... I have a tendency to be a bit emotional when my friends get to work and I can’t help but squeak and wiggle when they arrive.   

  • check in with everyone a few times a day… need to make sure they stay on task, are asking questions, and eat a messy lunch (preferably with cheese or bread) so that I can get every single crumb.

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting?

  • Hanging out with my friends

  • Taking afternoon naps after too many treats

  • Walking around the awesome park down the street

  • and THE FOOD!

Best piece of advice for job seekers?

Be proactive!  You can’t expect your dream job to drop like a bone right in front of you. You need to hit the grass running and not let yourself get sidetracked by squirrels, rabbits or worse… cats.  Stay focused.

 Fun Fact?

I’m afraid of balls - they never stop moving… it’s a weird concept. I also don’t like water, it’s scary and wet - I don’t like to be wet!!  The only thing that I love to do every single day is steal Momma B’s socks right off her feet. It doesn’t matter what kind of socks… clean, dirty, dressy … as long as they’re on her feet, I want them and I always get what I want. :)

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