Employee Spotlight: Mollie

Posted by Brooke Curran on Aug 12, 2015 9:56:30 AM

MollieeeeeMollie C.

Joined: 3 months ago

Job: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Favorite part of working for Hub Recruiting? Working on different projects, its nice to change up the pace when one search gets a little difficult or dull.


I enjoy collaborating with other colleagues and seeing how I can improve my outreach to candidates. Working directly with managers on roles and learning all about the recruiting world and not being afraid to ask questions. Most of all, being in a work environment where you can feel relaxed and appreciated.

Best piece of advice for job seekers? Building a strong network and keeping communication lines open is so important. Never get too discouraged, if one opportunity doesn't work out an even better one will come along; be patient.

Fun Fact? I love organizing things! I've always thought about being a Professional Organizer and helping people organize their homes & lives.


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