Every problem is an opportunity

 "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." –Benjamin Franklin

You can look at the same problem in two different ways: you can view a glass of water as half empty or half full.  We are all faced with numbers of challenges in our lives that are seldom very straightforward. Some give up while others take it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

This also goes for the recruiting industry as well. In today’s competitive workforce, we are faced with a number of challenges every moment and it comes down to: all clients want the best of the best talent. How often does it happen that you have a specific position requirements and it just so happens that the ideal candidate falls right on your lap? Rarely, that's how often. It is either a hard skill to find, there is a salary constraint or a location issue etc. etc. Sometimes even the client needs to be educated about the market trends and be made aware of what they can or should expect. Recruiting is a whirlwind that if not handled properly, could be greatly unsuccessful. 

If we take an optimistic approach to our problems, work becomes all the more fun and leads way to increased innovation, creativity and productivity. Clients are willing to pay big money but ask for the sky in return. The more difficult the task, the more you want to pursue various options. How I have begun to see it recently is the more difficult the job to fill, more satisfying it is to fill them. Recruiting is a volatile business; one moment you can be on top of the world and next moment you can come crashing down but at the end of the day, it can be a very rewarding career.

My suggestion to all recruiters – do not come to a conclusion too quick. Nothing comes easily. I believe anything that comes easy goes easy too but with patience, persistence, perseverance, you are bound to reach your goal.