Finding Success as a Team

Working for a small company is a lot like running a relay on a track team. Trust and communication are crucial to each of them. Both need to be present in order for any sort of team, whether it’s a relay or a group within an organization, to reach success.


I ran track for three years in high school, and some of my favorite high school memories happened with my team. Track is often thought of as an individual sport, but it also involves a team effort. I was in my school’s 4x100 relay team. Once you take off at full speed for your leg of the relay, there is no looking back. You have to trust that your teammate will catch up to you. You have to trust that they won’t let you grab the baton outside of the handoff zone. If you look back, then it will slow you down, or worse, it will cause you to step out of your lane or trip and drop the baton. Both of those will get you disqualified. After you get the baton, you have to run as fast as you can because you’re racing for your teammates and not just yourself. A team can only be successful together. You lose as a team, and you win as a team.


How does a track relay relate to a company? You have to trust that your coworkers will do their part of the work, and you have to do yours. You can’t micromanage them and watch what they’re doing all the time. If you all work your hardest, then together you can lead your company to success. If you don’t work together, then the company gets slowed down, and it won’t reach its full potential. Success will only be reached if employees function as a team, not as individuals.

So go out there and start winning!


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