4 Tips to Reduce Sales Turnover

Posted by Anya Cromie on Feb 6, 2018 10:33:30 AM

Sales can be one of the most challenging roles to recruit for. The impact of poor hiring can affect an entire sales department. Meeting quotas, training, ramp up periods and travel can affect their success. If you use a strategic approach to hiring, you can improve retention and build a team of strong performers!


It is a very competitive market with few top performers and many skills to look for. In my experience, the main reasons salespeople are looking for new opportunities are:

  • Direct manager/management team
  • Experience or skills not matching job requirements
  • Compensation and Lack of connection to the company

To reduce sales employee turnover, companies need to consider several things. A proven track record does not always mean an employee will be successful; they must like their team and work environment. Soft skills become a critical factor. 

Here are four tips to reduce sales turnover:


Start the investment into your sales team at the management level so they can lead, mentor, coach and manage their team effectively from the beginning. Provide ongoing support. Provide ongoing training, coach and develop a salesperson to realize his/her potential. Find the right motivators for holding on to high-performing salespeople.



Skill Set

Focus on the strengths of your sales team. “Hunters” will focus on new business development while the “Farmers” will cultivate and grow existing business. Ideally, HR, Recruiting and the manager should work together to define strengths and weakness of each candidate to provide support and ensure development.




Onboarding is critical. Make sure you provide adequate training, not only product training, but understanding the buyers, strategies and process involved. Having a mentor or working with an experience rep can be invaluable.




Make it clear that the best are appreciated and make the reward and recognition differentials worth their effort. Determine the difference between what the best performers and worst performers get paid.


Companies need to retain and develop their sales talent. Each hire is an investment so spend time finding the right people to build out a well-rounded department. Defining skills, values and personalities through strong communication and goal-setting can help you build, and keep, a great team!


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