From Techie to Technical Recruiter

Posted by Angie Agarwal on Sep 11, 2014 11:00:00 AM

When I say that I am new to the business of recruiting, I really mean it.  As a software engineer, however, I often sat on the other side of the table and this is what I remember.  A few recruiters were excellent, but too many seemed almost disconnected as if they were there merely to check off boxes during our conversation.  But when I decided that I wanted a break from my role as an Engineer, my story of a Tech Recruiter who is really a Techie soon began.

Over several years, I had tested many software products.  Releases often happened with fewer bugs than ever anticipated.  I was part of teamwork at its best. You may already know that the primary mantra of a Quality Analyst is being meticulous and thorough - no shortcuts allowed.  I loved it, but had done it for several years and wanted to try something different.

I am an articulate, straight forward person with a passion to write, and sometimes my Dev team would teasingly remind me not to write ‘fairy tales’ when writing test scripts!  All in good humor, I think.  Soon I began to mull over the idea of becoming a tech writer.  Perhaps that job might bring the balance that I so much craved as a professional mother who loved her two sons and also wanted a little more “me time” to workout, see friends, or even play an occasional game of poker.  I was burnt out and began pondering how to translate my tech background and love for writing into a professional career.  I even signed up for a class on Coursera on Technical Writing and refused to extend my contract with the company that I was working for.

But I am also a very social human being and have a very strong ability to connect with people.  I love listening to them and hearing each of their stories.   Excited by the possibility of finding the one career that could blend my three strengths and translate into a meaningful career, I  was suddenly overwhelmed by a myriad of ideas and so, I mulled over it with the most level-headed and balanced guy that I know of – my husband.  Immediately, he nailed it.

“You should be a recruiter,” he explained.  

I am never shy to try something new, but knew that I needed to learn good basics.  Because although recruiting is not rocket science, I knew that good recruiting is a craft, and like every career, there is a process involved.  And ever the techie, I knew that I wanted to learn it methodically.

Because of this, I moved pretty quickly when I saw an ad for a Junior Technical Recruiter with a smaller, growing company instead of one of the large giants in the recruiting space.  I gave them a ring and explained that although I had never recruited, I did possess two of the attributes required.  I was ‘junior’ and I certainly was ‘technical.’  Happily, I was hired and soon began working to support the Engineering team for one of the best Ad-Tech start-ups in Boston.  

Now I am hooked.  Personally, I think that I made the best career change for me. I am enjoying every aspect of being part of building and growing engineering teams.  And the best part?  I get to talk to many brilliant engineers and help them make exceptional changes in their own career paths to join an organization which is truly a fun and valuable place to work.

And now this is my story.

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