Guidelines to Streamline Your Interview Process


Recruiting can be a very complicated process. Organizing this process creates a better candidate and employer experience and results in fewer candidates being lost in high demand positions. As a recruiter, it’s important to create a streamlined experience in a timely manner that will make the manager and the candidates happy.  

To streamline your interview process, several steps should be taken:

Work directly with the hiring manager and set expectations

The hiring manager and recruiter must clearly decide guidelines for the applicants. This conversation should clearly define the job description, employee expectations and general requirements to be success in the role as well as logistics such as employee compensation.

One must be clear and realistic with timeframes for sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring.  When these expectations are clearly set along with the methods required to achieve them - you set a plan for successful hiring.

Build relationships with the candidates

The most successful searches are built on strong relationships with candidates. Listening to what the candidate is looking for makes it easier to match the right candidate to a job. While it’s important to  be objective, recruiters also play a crucial role in providing honest feedback and opinions.

Just like a hiring manager needs to understand the process, the candidates should know what to expect as well. It is very important to keep everyone in the loop and aware of action steps so not to lose a great candidate to another offer or slow recruitment process. Maintaining communication with both the candidate and hiring manager helps both parties make the most informed decisions possible.

Stick with the plan

Once a guideline is set, make sure to stick to the plan! Communicate often with the hiring manager and interview team to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Clearly state next steps with candidates and hiring managers as they arrive.

Once a candidate and hiring manager start to build a relationship, it is important to keep lines of communications open. Being clear and consistent throughout the process allows everyone to have a better recruiting experience. The goal is to find the best candidate for the job, and ultimately, with the right plan in place, the company will choose the right person for the job.