Hiring Marketing for Start-ups

In todays’ 24/7 media driven marketplace, there is a critical need for strong marketing roles in start-ups. Finding this role has a unique set of challenges. The most critical skill an early stage start-up needs is someone who can effectively communicate the value of your product. Simple, right?

Marketing is more than finding certain skill sets; the technology behind so many of today’s startups is often newer than the skills they are looking to hire for. How do you find great marketers that can successfully communicate your and scale your company?





A great marketing candidate will understand the importance of branding and approaches it with passion!

Keep this in mind:

  • Branding, more than your logo or slogan, is the experience your customers have with your product.
  • What is your company's mission?
  • What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
  • What do your customers and potential clients already think of your company?


Marketing Strategy

Experience developing and executing a marketing strategy from the ground up is important.


  • Your marketing objectives will focus on how you increase sales by getting and keeping customers.
  • Where do your customers find out about your product?
  • Set marketing budgets and deadlines.



The key to hiring the right professionals is to match the needs of your company with the candidate's skills.

How to approach your hiring and recruiting strategy:

  • Bring onboard high-level, established members to your start-up.
  • Appreciate being hands on yet understand the importance of leading a team.
  • Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy the ability to take risks.
  • Seek candidates with a passion for the product and industry they work in.




The key to hiring marketing for start-ups is to match the needs of your company with the candidate's skills. You’ll probably want someone who has solid experiences in several industries, and has experience covering a variety of marketing responsibilities. The recruiting process takes time to build a relationship. Target people who are a right fit and start connecting. You’ll likely have trouble finding someone that ticks all the boxes and epitomizes the perfect fit. Most likely, there will be some compromise on budget, skills or culture. Marketing is a critical role in any organization; make sure you time the time to find the right person.


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