How Front End Developers can stand out

As a recruiter, entering the big world of Front End Development can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Does it require candidates to actually be able to do some development (or programming)?  Or are we talking about Design, User Experience, or User Interface? – Or all of the above?  How do we source and decide who has the potential before getting on the phone with anyone?

Here are some tips for recruiters to look for, and Front End Developers to highlight:


  • Make sure you understand Front End Development and how it relates to what your client is looking for. You need to know your client, the product/service, and who is using it for what reason. This will help determine (beyond the job description) if you’re looking for someone with more programming, UI, or design experience.
  • Do your homework!  You don’t have to become a Developer, but you need to be able to hold an intelligent conversation while not going outside your comfort level. Knowing the difference between languages and frameworks and how it will impact the job is imperative.
  • Look for information beyond their LinkedIn profile. Do they have a portfolio of past work and projects? Are they active in the Open Source community and/or have a GitHub account? Some Front End Developers come from more of an arts background and will have their graphic designs or artwork available for viewing. Equally as important! Some of it may look like gibberish to you, but could be an important selling point for them in the interview process with managers or the hiring team.
  • Ranking your proficiency in different technologies and languages is really helpful. With so many front end technologies, frameworks, and languages, just listing them doesn’t give us the best first impression. Have your skills broken into expert, moderate and novice – or something similar.
  • Highlighting your best, most successful projects is also a great way to make yourself stand out. What are you the most proud of? You don’t need an incredibly detailed account of everything you do, just give us the best snapshot of your work.
  • Similar to other profiles and summaries, your extra-curricular activities can be a great selling point. It doesn’t have to relate to your professional field, it just shows that you have other interests and passions that drive you. Community service, volunteer work, and club/activities should always be highlighted.
  • Make your work available to see! Portfolios, personal websites, and GitHub pages provide an extra view beyond just words on your resume/profile. Promote yourself!