How to choose quality links for your blog or website

Take advantage of using external links in your blog or website to generate traffic to your own sites. Here are a few ways to choose quality links for your blog or website.
  • Answer questions and solve problems. If you can find a way to do this, then you do not need to try and get people to reference your site.
  • Go for links only from real sites to build domain authority. In searching for links, just ensure pages are genuine ones, and that they have genuine information for the readers.
  • Acquire links from reputable websites in your space. Your job is to figure out a way to get involved in this circle. Look for references only from relevant sites.
  • Look at the strategies and tactics that your competitors use to gain quality links. Don’t fall into the category of people doing this just for the sake of building links or emulating someone. 
  • Take part in social networks. This should not be solely for the links, but also for building your personal network, getting your content noticed by people who are likely to share your content type, and building your signature for the future.
  • Do not spam people with emails asking for links. If you plan to email and ask people to share anything, make certain that you have a good piece of content for them. Likewise, avoid bombarding your social network friends with your sales message.
  • Be helpful. Help others and some of them will definitely reciprocate and link to you in the future.
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