How to Get the Most Out of Every Day at Work

I have been recruiting for a little over a year now, making me a pretty junior recruiter. When I first started applying for jobs after graduating from college in 2013, I sat with my dad to get some fatherly advice. We discussed many things, but one topic in particular stuck with me. He told me, “Whatever career path you choose, you will be most successful if you listen and learn.” ‘Listen and learn’ sounds like pretty standard advice, but I cannot express enough how much it has helped me so far in my short career.  

I have the good fortune of being surrounded by some pretty extraordinary recruiters at my company. I take every opportunity possible to pick their brains and learn a little bit every day. Whether it is a strategy for conducting an interview, or a story about enticing a candidate to accept an offer, every day is a chance to listen and learn. It is how I plan on becoming the best recruiter I can be.

A good employee uses everything at his disposal to be successful. The company I currently recruit for has a plethora of super talented software engineers. As a technical recruiter, what better source of information can I ask for? They are the exact caliber of candidate I am searching for, making them one of my more valuable assets. I take every opportunity possible to ask questions when reaching out to a candidate.

“What kind of message would interest you?
“What sorts of things are important for a Software Engineer when making a move?”

“Can you give me a list of reasons you chose to work here and not somewhere else?”

Each and every answer helps me perform my job more productively.

Every day is an opportunity to make yourself a better employer. All you have to do is make the extra effort to become that better employee.  Talk to your candidates, talk to your coworkers and find out everything you can about the industry you are in. You will be happy that you did. Take my father’s advice, and leave the office every day having learned something new.