How to stay focused in 4 easy steps

It is easy to get distracted at work. Trying to concentrate on important projects when your mind is elsewhere can hurt your overall performance. Follow these four easy steps to make sure you stay focused! 

Set goals: Start by making a list of your top priorities for the day or week. This helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by every distraction that comes up throughout the day. Review your list each morning or a couple of times a day and decide what tasks you can accomplish that day. Force yourself to stay on track and complete tasks one through five by the end of the day.

Work in 60 minute blocks: Through the day, our focus and concentration drops off, increasing the lure of distractions and losing concentration. Set a timer and take a break every hour. Reset your mind by taking a short walk, talking to a coworker, or grabbing a snack.

Turn off the world: Let’s face it; it’s very easy to get distracted at your desk. Avoid temptation by avoiding personal email, your cell phone, your coworkers, social network sites, and fantasy football. This may require finding a quiet place, like a conference room or putting on headphones to block out the outside world. 

Multitasking is necessary, but do it less:  Multitasking is a good skill to have, but you cannot accomplish your best at everything when you are doing too much at one time. When you devote yourself to a single task, the outcome will be much better.  


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