How to Stay Optimistic During Your Job Search

As a recruiter, there are times when I feel like I am in a never-ending roller coaster. When I start a new job search for a client, there are always some positive and negative outcomes that occur. The positive parts are speaking with new candidates, learning about their experience, and knowing when someone is an A-Player over the phone. It’s an awesome feeling to have when you have an awesome conversation with that person and when that person receives an offer letter. The negative parts are having your candidates rejected by the client or when your outbound reaches are becoming harder and harder to accomplish.


However, I should never get discouraged. Same goes to any recruiter. Yes, we are going to have a few bumps down the road, but if we keep our minds focused and stay optimistic, then we will find that candidate that we’ve been searching for.

So what are some ways to keep ourselves optimistic during the process? Well, here are just a few methods:


Exercise and Eat Healthy

When we eat healthy and work out, we put ourselves in a mood for success. Exercising reduces stress and increase energy levels. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Therefore, make time for this and it will pay off in the end.



Ask for Help

Sometimes, asking for help can benefit us in many ways. I read online that there was a recent survey that showed that 85 percent of all jobs are filled via networking. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to ask friends and colleagues about potential candidates. They might help you find that amazing candidate that you’ve been waiting for. You will also realize and be surprised how many people are willing to help you succeed.



Find What Works Best

Sometimes, I struggle to find people to respond to my Inmails on LinkedIn. It can be a bummer when I’m reaching out to many people and only get a few willing  to learn more about the role I’m fulfilling. However, one way I keep myself optimistic is by analyzing the data. I try to figure out why people are not interested in speaking and if there’s anything on my end that I need to change to increase my positive responses. When I find the problem, I fix it and it helps a lot.

As you take care of your overall health, ask for help and find solutions to your problems, you will be able to stay optimistic throughout your search. Putting yourself in a position for success, then you will be alright.

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