Bulletproof interview structure [VIDEO]

Posted by Emily Hagen on Aug 10, 2016 1:16:53 PM

There are many different interview structures, and some variations are better than others. After thousands of our own interviews at Hub, we have found the most effective structure that we use dozens of times a day. We have found success through this five part conversation, and it has led us to fill hundreds of roles. 

The interview is thirty minutes made up of five different parts, and below is a short video with our CEO Matt Corbett explaining step-by-step how to effectively have an interview with anyone, at any level.  


This is a 30 minute segment that is made up of five parts.

  1. Chit chat: This builds trust, and establishes a friendly collaborative conversation. This will foster a productive interview setting. 
  2. Introduction: Outline the conversation so there are no surprises for the interviewee. He or she will know exactly what to expect for the next half hour.  
  3. Interviewer asks questions: Gives the interviewer a chance to learn more about the candidate. Also, the interviewee can put away questions they are planning to ask until the end of the conversation so the interview runs smoothly.
  4. Interviewee asks questions: To learn more about the position, end any uncertainty.
  5. Conclusion: This wraps up the interview and gives closure to the conversation. It’s also an opportunity to talk about referrals and next steps in the interview process

 Want to learn more? Contact us today for a walk through of our interview process, training for your team, or to have any questions answered. Happy interviewing! 

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