Inside the Mind of a Recruiter Reading Resumes

Recruiters are the entry way into any company. As a recruiters we are tasked with filling multiple roles at once with A-level candidates. We consider ourselves salespeople of some sort, simply because we are selling a position, culture and company to a candidate. We have several profiles come in by email and job boards a day and sometimes there are profiles that are not a fit. Recruiting is a science which requires understanding the hiring managers' personalities, what they like, what the role requires and if there would be a culture fit. Some of these can be ruled out by looking at a resume first. Below are a few reasons why recruiters may not give you a call after looking at your resume.




Relevant Experience in the Space

Working in the tech industry, a lot of companies will recruit out of a similar space. For example AdTech companies will try to recruit from fellow AdTech companies because it makes for a smoother transition and a better understanding of the products being offered, resulting in a shorter ramp up period.



Make sure to take a look at the requirements for the role that you are looking at. Before applying make sure  your education matches when they are looking for. Often times you will find that roles require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Master’s Degrees are always a plus on a resume. Do some research on Linkedin for other people in a similar position and see if your educational background is in line with what they have in place. Companies have trends in recruiting; if most of the staff comes from state schools they may prefer state schools. Keep this in mind when you are considering a position.




Work Experience

Companies look for people with relevant experience so transitions can be easier. Looking at the job description will save both the recruiter's and your time. If they mention you should have 3-5 years experience closing deals, they most likely budge. It is important to understand what a role entails before applying to prevent any devastation by not getting a call back.


Spelling & Grammar

Pay attention to the little things on your resume like spelling and grammar. Spelling mistakes will put your resume in the recycling bin. With today’s technology we are surrounded by spell checkers that include grammar connections. There are also several plugins that can be used with Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned job veteran adding an extension like Grammarly can get you hired!



Resumes are a key part of landing your dream role. Make sure that you are updating each resume so it is relevant to your experience and the role you are applying for. Have someone review your resume to help smooth out some kinks it may have. If you know a recruiter have them help you with your resume. Always remember applying to jobs can be frustrating but with a flawless resume and applying to the right roles you will land your dream role in no time.



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