Is social media helping or hurting you?

Posted by Brooke Freeburg on Jun 11, 2015 1:35:04 PM


social_media_memeSocial Media is everywhere. Try to name someone who hasn’t used, been a part of, or taken advantage of something social media offers… not easy, is it? Whether it’s baby pictures, news, family updates, or last night’s dinner – social media is unavoidable. What once was about connecting with old classmates has turned into a way for anyone and everyone to market, buy, advertise, inform, and RECRUIT.

So, how will social media help you get recruited?

“Social Recruiting” is a thing now. Recruiters, employers and businesses are using social sites to find the best candidates at rapidly increasing rate. LinkedIn is one of the most common sites used by recruiters and provides a great overview of your present and past work experience. A LinkedIn profile can be more detailed and colorful than a resume – giving you the chance to toot your own horn and “show off”. Other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + give recruiters a view into your lifestyle and personality. This is also a tool to see what groups and applications you have interest in and what you’re passionate about.  If you’re a professional, recent graduate, or looking for that next great opportunity: clean up your profiles… ALL OF THEM!  You’re a brand so treat yourself like it. Google is amazing tool that can pull up some amazing but also some terrifying information if it’s available. Do yourself a favor and make sure the right content is available. 

That being said, how can not having LinkedIn or Facebook hurt your chances?

Are you relying primarily on Monster, Dice, and/or other job posting sites to be seen? It is time to face the facts; a lot of these sites are now delving into social media. They are beginning to post blogs, ads, and encourage followers on social networking sites. Regardless, relying solely on your resume may leave recruiters wanting more because resumes are limiting. Anything more than a page or two is tedious to read through and most recruiters turn to LinkedIn after finding a resume to fact check and get more information. If you’re not there and can’t be found on any other sites, it’s easy to assume you don’t keep up with technology, aren’t passionate about what you do, and don’t want to be seen. For those who were already in workforce by the 90’s, trusting social media may be a bit more daunting. Things were going just fine before Facebook, right? More advanced and senior professionals may feel hesitant to participate in social media – looking old or past their prime. Using social media to highlight your accomplishments and show that you haven’t missed a beat can be a huge advantage instead of a disadvantage.

If you’re serious about your career, your interests, and your accomplishments – put them out there! Getting your dream job is a competition, if you want to win, you have to have the right team. A great starting five would be:

  • A solid, detail-filled LinkedIn profile
  • A clean, active and expressive Facebook page
  • Memberships to different groups and applications that reflect your interests
  • Community service/active interest experience
  • A short and concise resume

The digital world is taking over and social recruiting is becoming the norm. Take the plunge and put together a great profile.



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