Leadership: Taking notes from the Patriots organization

Posted by Mollie Codyer on Sep 29, 2015 11:39:00 AM

"Leadership means using one's influence to help guide others in successfully achieving a goal without desire for recognition, without worry of what others think and with awareness of issues, internal or external, that might change the results sought." – Marie Hansen, Dean of the College of Business, Husson University.

 Leadership is important in every profession. Without effective leadership, it is hard to work together to assure success. I’m here to break down the leaders in the Patriots organization, and the traits that we should take into our own lives.  

#1 Tom Brady- Even though Brady has found himself in the face of deflategate, that does not take away from his role as a great leader. In the early days, Brady was able to admit his challenges and shortcomings, and knew what he had to do to overcome them. In nearly every press conference, Brady refers to the success of his team, believing in putting faith into the coaching and his teammates. He has a passion that he shares and uses to encourage his teammates into wanting to be the best they can be for each other. Brady believes in building and maintaining mutual respect through the team to ensure a victory.

#2 Rob Gronkowski- We all know Gronk as a fun-loving football machine who didn’t do so well on Family Feud. Little do we know, he is one of the most influential people in the locker room. Belichick has given us insight into how his dedication to the sport has been a huge inspiration. Gronk leads by example, referring to himself as a “quiet leader” by devoting his time and energy into understanding how to get the job done. Gronk’s mental concentration, focus, and desire to do well and improve rubs off on his fellow teammates, resulting in nothing but greatness.

#3 Robert Kraft- “I’ve learned in life that I don’t sit in judgement of other people.” -Robert Kraft

There are many aspects of Kraft that make him a leader of the organization that go beyond how deep his pockets go. Kraft has an understanding and trust in every employee he hires. The large success of the organization comes from the shared vision of excellence on all levels. Kraft is committed to team performance built on a foundation of trust and creating relationships.

It takes more than hard work to pull off a successful team and win games. Without leadership and dedication, the Patriots would not be the strong team they are today. Take these traits into your own professional lives to guarantee greatness!

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