Lessons learned from traveling

Posted by Emily Hagen on Oct 15, 2015 10:21:00 AM

My mind drifts back to traveling more than I would like to admit. The thought of sitting on a bus surrounded by people speaking a different language is probably a nightmare for most people. To me, it was a reminder of how far I had come since I first started traveling at a young age.

Although what I am most proud of learning when I went abroad was finding a way o put Nutella on everything, here are a few other important lessons I have learned from traveling that I have brought into my everyday life. 

Be patient:

Aw yes, the classic “oh good the train isn’t moving and I’m not sure why, but I don’t speak the language to ask a local what is going on so I’ll just sit here quietly and hope I don’t end up in another country” panic. I quickly learned that I had to accept that things were not always in my control, and worrying about it won’t help. There is no need to stress because there will be another train, or plane, or bus that will come. I just needed to be patient and trust that things would work out.

That is the same with any typical workday. When a client wants something completely different than what you worked five hours on to prepare for them, you have to just shrug it off and listen to what they want. If a colleague calls in sick on a day you really needed something from them, you can’t assume they will pick up your call or help you out. Sometimes you have to improvise and find another solution.  

Try new things:

Octopus covered in fish eggs on top of my pasta? When in Rome, right? I learned to come out of my comfort zone and stop being afraid of the unknown. I may not understand anything the people around me are saying. They are probably making fun of my silly American accent when I try and thank the waiter for yet another amazing meal.

Mercie? Gracies? Gratzie? What country am I in again?

I now make a point to try something new more often because it makes me push myself. When you put yourself out there at the office, you will get feedback whether it is positive or negative. Take the risk and the success will follow!

Appreciate every day:

Every day is an adventure when you are exploring a new place. There is something to do, somewhere to be, and of course a cliché picture to take in front of a monument. It may have been raining, but I made it to the top of the Eiffel tower and will never forget it!

I have taken this mentality into my every day life now, and realized that there is something great about every day. It’s Monday, the traffic is terrible, and I already spilled coffee on my shirt. But hey, I packed leftover pizza for lunch. So there is that to look forward to. Find something in the ordinary day to look forward to that'll get you through the long days! And maybe keep a spare shirt in your car if you are like me and tend to spill.

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