Lose the Job Description

Posted by Eliza Omo on Jun 18, 2015 1:39:48 PM

Believe it or not, Hiring Managers and recruiters are moving away from lengthy, bulleted job descriptions and towards a more performance-based description.  As recruiters, we know that potential candidates do not want to read through a page long job description only to find out that the job simply requires a degree in a related field and 0-2 years of experience.

In a performance-based description it is important to express the qualities needed for a candidate to be successful in the position. Does the candidate have what it takes? A candidate with a growth mindset (the kind we should all be looking for) wants to know if they can be challenged but still perform well in the position so we as recruiters need to specify what qualities and characteristics candidates must possess in order to be successful in this role.The search for great candidates can be simplified by a performance-based description, which can weed out the candidates that perform just the bare-minimum required in their role. To job-seekers, instead of listing what you did, describe how you did it, was performance measured and if so, how? It is all about how you did something. This can be enhanced and improved by a LinkedIn profile complete with links to your portfolio detailing accomplishments.

 We know you can do it, but can you do it well?

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