Maintaining energy through the work day

Posted by Joe Cote on Nov 12, 2015 11:53:30 AM

When the alarm begins to scream at five o’clock in the morning, there is a sudden and horrifying realization that you have eighteen more hours to go until you can once again retreat to the comfortable confines of your brand new waterbed. The left arm is completely numb and the right one has just enough stamina to right swipe on the cracked glass of the IPhone 6 plopped conveniently next to your head. Wrenching yourself out of bed, you find yourself at a crossroads. Fall back asleep for five more minutes or begin the day? Your tired bones tell you “NO”, but your responsibilities start running through your mind, and after about twelve and a half seconds, you decide to rise to the challenge.

 Repetitive routines are typical for many people, and finding ways to wake up and stay alert throughout the day are key to achieving success. That being said, there are a few ways to combat the morning blues. I have taken the liberty to separate energy into two basic categories: Consumable Energy and Non-Consumable Energy

Consumable Energy

This is the type of energy that most people are familiar with because you can drink it throughout the day.

Coffee: This seems to be the most reached for drink in the morning, which is reflected by the amount of Dunkin Donuts in the New England area. We really do run on Dunkin. There are over 1,000 in the state of Massachusetts. Coffee provides caffeine, sugar, and other additives that can get you through the morning, but will surely make you crave another one around 2:30 p.m.  

Tea: This is another caffeinated beverage that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. There are a variety of flavors and, on a global scale, it is the second most consumed drink in the world behind water. Tea is the perfect amount of caffeine to keep you going, but not leaving you with a crash in the later afternoon.   

Optimum AmiN.O. Energy: This is my personal favorite for when I feel the need for a boost during the workday. It provides both caffeine and amino acids to support an active lifestyle both in and out of the office.

Non-Consumable Energy

These are lifestyle changes that can keep your energy high.

Sleep: Getting eight hours of sleep can sometimes be difficult. If there is any way to reach a minimum of six hours a night, it can allow you to be fully functional the next day. An adult needs at least this much to get through a total of 18 hours. Avoid watching another episode of Friends on Netflix, and get to bed earlier to guarantee lasting energy tomorrow.

Diet: A consistent and monitored diet can help with the amount of energy you have during the day. A balance between carbohydrates, protein, and fats can keep you going without any need for a consumable form of energy.

Exercise: This is something that can be done both in and out of the workplace. Something as simple as getting up every once in a while and walking around the office can keep you alert. Although lunch hour is for eating, a few push-ups or even a brief walk outside can leave you feeling refreshed. Movement/exercise is an excellent way of keeping your eyes open after a strenuous day at work as well.