Mobile phone's role in Recruiting

Posted by Deepthi Murthy on Jun 30, 2015 1:37:34 PM

The growth in mobile phone technology has caused an enormous change in every possible domain one can think of. Mobile phones no longer remain a device to simply make and receive calls from. With the convenience of smartphone technologies literally giving you the world at your fingertips, one can only imagine the immense potential of these so called "modern day extensions to our hands". Today, it is vital for any business or enterprise to make its place prominent in the mobile market.

Use of mobile technology for recruiting is becoming an emerging game changer in recruiting methodologies. It no longer requires one to access his/her laptop or computer to browse for jobs, get in touch with recruiters, even upload their resumes and set up interviews. The interface to carry out a job search seems to have taken a condensed form - with one gadget - the mobile phone. 

Here is what how your company can get the best mix of opportunity and technology...


Website Optimization

The first thing that needs to be done to get a step closer to mobile recruiting is optimizing the company’s website for mobile usage. Think about how you react when a web page is displayed poorly on the phone and you are not able to view or navigate around the site with ease? Not having your website optimized for mobile proves to be a handicap - for both the provider and for the user. Therefore, by optimizing your website for mobile, you can provide the user a seamless user experience.

Create a Mobile App

Applications or Apps for short, are a one touch source of information. Creating a mobile application for recruitment is a smart way to get your candidates hooked in to the process. The ease of interacting without having to navigate through many web pages and complex login processes makes it extremely efficient. One can also set up notifications through these apps and stay updated.

One-Click Application Process

Completing the job application at the touch of a single button makes it incredibly simple for job seekers to apply for any opening right from their mobile phones. For the recruiter, it eases several steps in the process of application review. Keeping a job application on a mobile phone minimalistic in terms of content and what is required of the candidate, does make the recruiting process look more progressive and less complicated.

Mobile Phone - Interactive Marketing Tool

Companies or businesses could use their mobile recruiting strategies by having more interactive test tools to assess the candidate skills and have the job seeker express themselves better. By periodically sending out text messages or alerts, which can be considered marketing tools, one could reduce the candidate’s anxiety to a large extent. They would certainly feel more connected to the job and the organization and feel more assured of transparency and effective communication from the recruiter in the recruitment process.


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