Why Recruiters Are "Job Doctors"

Why I feel recruiting isn't just a job but a responsibility and an oath


I love my profession. Simple as that. But after more than a decade in human resources and talent acquisition, it's not just a job of placing candidates. It’s a responsibility towards my community to give my best effort in connecting the dots.

Needless to say, most recruiters do their due diligence in tackling their duties. However, we often find ourselves in binds. If any acquaintance/friend/family or even friend's friend knocks on our doors and tells us that he/she is in need of a new job or a career change, we give our best guidance and advice for the job search. We often take the next step in referring them wherever feasible. We inevitably become emotionally-invested

Career counseling, job hunt coaching, connecting candidates, and referring people to our networks become part of our genes over time. We process the incoming information and prescribe possibilities. It's as if my soul needs to find the right medicine for each person who approaches me for help.


I feel guilty when obstacles arise. It feels as if I had a sick patient who requested assistance and I couldn't find the time to cure him. I deviated from my oath to serve. That’s how I feel whenever I have a loaded schedule with tons of personal commitments. That’s how I feel when I believe I haven’t matched my expected performance.

Trust me, I bet most experienced recruiting professionals so keenly hold this responsibility knowingly and unknowingly. That life-changing impact of finding someone the right job or finding the company the right fit gives you the same adrenaline rush and satisfaction as a doctor completing a successful surgery. That feeling remains regardless of whether you have any perk associated with a placement or not.


It's as if my soul needs to find the right medicine for each person who approaches me for help.


It’s more than just our individual thrills. Being able to make a positive difference in someone's life by helping them get the right position is a way of giving back.

To all my recruiter friends out there, cheers to you for what you do! Embrace yourself. Remember to do your best in helping your community and your clients. Remember the joy in seeing your candidate get his/her dream job. Remember the satisfaction of curing his/her job hunt pain. We are blessed to be given this opportunity to serve other people.


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