Recruitment planning: Generation Z

Everyone is discussing recruiting strategies for Millennials, but the reality is that this time next year, we start recruiting for Gen Z (born 1995-2010). We will have to adjust our current methods to their needs and work style to be more effective recruiters.

Gen Z will be more entrepreneurial and technology driven than ever. It will be harder to find people who want to work for companies vs. starting their own businesses. Gen Z will have different values and interests than Millennials, and will incorporate them more into their career choices.

Gen Z is a technology driven generation. Surrounded by laptops, smartphones, ipads – and typically all at the same time (!), they will expect employers to be technology and social media savvy as well. They will have strong social media presence and many of these social networks are continuously emerging. Recruiting will likely be less professional and more social than ever.  

In addition, Recruiters will have to educate employers in changing their traditional view of candidates, and what upcoming applicants may look like. As well as the best ways of contacting them and communicating with them. Gen Z will look for easy-going work environments with flexibility and perks and growth/management opportunities.

We must consider and incorporate Gen Z ideals in our recruiting strategies. Things to consider include:

  • Values: Accomplishing something, not just having a job.
  • Entrepreneurialism: Likes and hobbies are incorporated into careers.
  • Communication: Increased social media channels and online presence.
  • Messaging: What is your target market interested in? And how do they gather information?


Being innovative has always attracted top talent. Being a leader and cutting edge recruiter requires some trial and error; will you be one of them?