Staying positive through the long interview process

Why haven’t they called me back? Did they not like me? Could they tell I was nervous?

The interview process can be a long and tiring few weeks (or months) with many ups and downs. Awesome, you got the final interview! Oh no, you haven’t heard back and it’s been two weeks. The key to staying on your game is remaining positive through the process.

It is normal to feel a little down on yourself after you had a great interview, but then you don’t hear back for weeks. Or you never hear back. Or you hear back, and the decision did not go in your favor. Here are my suggestions to keep you motivated through the long days of interviewing.  

Don’t take things personally: Sometimes companies can’t end up hiring as many people because of their budget or an internal employee decides to take on the role. It is nothing against you. Landing an interview is a huge accomplishment, and even if they go another way you still benefit from the practice. And yes, sometimes Gary that went to Harvard is just more qualified than you. It is not because they didn’t like you, or because you wore the wrong thing to the interview. It’s okay, you now are more prepared for your next interview!  

Accept that you aren’t going to get an instant response: I know it would be great to confirm a job offer quickly, but it takes many rounds and people internally to get to that decision. Don’t put too much stress on timing because these things will play out how they are supposed to, and when they are supposed to. Take a deep breath and stop staring at your phone waiting for a call.

Don’t assume the worst: Just because they haven’t called you back right away, do not assume you didn’t get the job. Remember that, especially with larger companies, they may be juggling multiple hires at one time and HR needs to closely examine every candidate. It is better that they really go through each person and take their time than rush to a decision that may not go in your favor.

Remember it is out of your control: Once you have finished an interview and sent a thank you email, the rest of the process is in the company’s hands. Stressing out about a job will not help you get an answer quicker. Take it day by day and the answer will come to you soon. Trust the system!  


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