Stoicism– A Recruiter's Best Friend

 As humanity, we are blessed with the inherent ability of perceiving certain phenomena deeper than they would appear to be on a first glance. As years pass us by and wiser we become, the deeper our understanding develops. However, our newfound wisdom is also a double-edged blade; the depth of our true understanding of a phenomenon correlates with its chances of affecting our psyche in a powerful way. 

But how does one fight such insurmountable external forces? Is it really possible to carry the burden of the world on our shoulders like Atlas? The solution by the ancient world to this problem came in the form of Stoicism. A thought school unlike any other; which, essentially, promotes one closing himself to the external, and pursue the total mastery of the self from within. Thus rendering one entirely resistant to any external factors. It goes without saying that Stoicism has become increasingly popular over the last millennia in generals, politicians, artists and various groups of interest.



Recruiting on the other hand, is a line of work that is heavily influenced by external factors. Regardless of how much we try to assert our control, things are always more than likely to go horribly wrong. It can be in the form of a star candidate failing the interview, in the form of a difficult client or in the form of larger economic fluctuation which may put your entire operation in jeopardy. Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, do you really have the luxury to be effected by these external factors? As recruiters, we are on the front lines; we are the first line of defense and the face of the company. Day after day, we are expected to rise above our problems and put on our best smiles.



And so, the stoic recruiter enters the stage. This recruiter is a person who is able to remain calm, who has mastered his emotions and regardless of how bad things may seem, who is able to rise above the misfortune with nothing more than sheer will power. Yet, despite his mastery over his surroundings, he is someone who keeps a level head with an unwavering understanding of justice. Through his courage, he is also ready to wrestle the same beast all over again tomorrow.




Stoicism has been a philosophy I have tried to follow in all aspects of my life. Bringing this perspective to my professional life was only natural. To all recruiter colleagues I have out there, I recommend studying the principles of Stoicism and to follow in the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius. It will not only make you a more effective recruiter but also a stronger person all around who won’t blink in the face of challenge or adversity.


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