Take your InMail from average to awesome in sixty seconds

Spend one minute doing this before sending out an InMail, and see your response rate skyrocket.

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become a prominent place for recruiters and job seekers. It leads some of us (me included) into wondering how anyone could have managed finding candidates without LinkedIn just a few years ago. LinkedIn has made it much easier to find candidates in the professional world with the right background, but it also doesn’t specify who is actively looking for a job.

This creates a tough divide between how many people you can now reach out to, compared to those who are actually interested in talking about a new opportunity. People on LinkedIn are now being bombarded by multiple inmails a day. Whether it is about a new job posting, or simply to network, it can be overwhelming on the receiving end. We've seen a pattern of LinkedIn fatigue, and it's time to start finding out how to get candidates to read about your amazing life changing opportunity.

So, how can you bridge the gap between your reach out rate and response rate? It’s easier than expected, and only takes sixty seconds.

Instead of sending out the same repetitive message to every person that fits the role, take the time to personalize the message. Yes, it can be tempting to copy and paste the same message to hundreds of people to keep up a steady pipeline. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to get many responses back.

And no, just adding their name at the top of the message is not enough. Especially if the person you’re contacting is a rock star at their job, they could be contacted over 10 times a week by different recruiters. Stand out by looking at their LinkedIn page and bringing up some of their past work experience. Or one of their hobbies! Show that you took the time to really engage this person makes all the difference. And pointing out why this position would be a perfect fit helps strengthen their interest.

Everybody likes feeling important. This is a way to get someone that may not be on the market starting to think about what else is out there. A small gesture of personalization can go a long way. Get your potential candidate excited about what you can do for them! 

Need help figuring out what to put in your InMail? Comment below and one of our recruiters can help you today!

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