The benefits of having a hobby outside of work

Believe it or not, your hobbies outside of work can have a direct effect on how you perform in the workplace.

Are you a baker? Do you fish? Do you play on a sports team? Regardless of your hobby, there is a lot we can learn about people by looking at what they do outside of work.

Maintaining a hobby can make you seem more appealing to potential employers, improve your mood, increase your confidence, reduce stress, provide networking opportunities, and help you work better with others.

Dr. Kevin Eschleman, an assistant psychology professor at San Francisco State University, led a study on the correlation between hobbies and job performance. In his most recent research, Eschleman found that the less relevant the activity is to the person’s profession, the greater the impact on workplace performance. Having a hobby that gets you excited outside of work is benefitical for your overall well-being and your work skill sets! 

For example, if you are a sports player that focuses on team goals instead of individual goals, you probably have great leadership qualities that you can bring into the office. Six out of the last eleven US Presidents were collegiate athletes, and they learned valuable leadership lessons on the field that they could bring into their future success. 

Regardless of what your hobby is, there are tremendous benefits that you will notice, and so will those who you work with.

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