The Dreaded Post Grad Life

mollieYou’ve graduated, Congratulations! So, now what? If your parents are anything like mine, they will be asking you every day if you have leads on any new jobs…and most of the time your response will be no.

Here’s my story: I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with my Bachelors in May of 2014. Graduation came and went and it was back to waitressing until my next adventure began. That adventure? I travelled for six months putting on events in the Southeast for the top high school football players and band members congratulating them on their selection to the 2015 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. That was an amazing experience but after I was done in January, I was left with nowhere to go. Then I was faced with the question (again), “what next”?

(I'm the short one in the middle)

Here are a few tips for soon to be graduates or recent graduates:


Get your resume out there: Make sure you post your resume on different job boards like Monster, Indeed and of course, LinkedIn. Many companies hire recruiting firms to handle certain roles and they often look for keywords within resumes online (trust us, Hub Recruiting). Make friends with the recruiters who reach out to you, they will be the first ones to know about roles you may be a great fit for.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK: You’ve heard it before, but I’m going to say it again because I cannot express how important it is to expand your network. In today’s world, everyone knows everyone.  Networking builds your contact list and will help you gain insight into different companies and possible job openings. If you were to get a referral from someone in a company you applied to your chances of landing an interview skyrocket. 

You won’t get every job: We all go through this at least once in our life and we can all agree that it’s definitely not the best feeling. It’ll sting and frustrate you at first but you just have to get right back up and get out there. What is the point of sitting there feeling sorry for yourself? I can promise that you definitely won’t get a job that way.  As Rodney Atkins once said, “If you’re going through hell…keep on goin’”.

Save Money:  You are now a member of the adult world so you need to start acting like one.  Similar to what I said about networking, I can’t express how important this is. You need money, simple as that.

Student Loans: Like most of America you will be worried about finding a job within the 6 month window of graduation because payments kick in. Do not stress too much about this, if you are really worried get into contact with your student loan provider and explain your situation. They will tell you your options and try to help you to the best of their abilities.

If you have the resources and time, TRAVEL: This is your time, you have spent the past 17+ years of your life going to school and most likely doing some part time work. Not all people have the financial resources to freely travel overseas, but you can always block out a few weeks to drive cross country with some of your best friends, you’ll come out with an amazing story and may even see some other part of the country you may want to move to. Ask any adult who didn’t take the time to travel and they will probably tell you how they regret it. Don’t end up regretting it.


Do you have any other tips for soon to be graduates or recent grads? Let us know in the comments.