The most important question during an interview

Posted by Emily Hagen on Jul 5, 2016 3:50:30 PM

At Hub, we have perfected an interview structure that we use daily, and have used for thousands of interviews over the years. Whether it’s the final round interview, or the preliminary phone screen, the interviewer usually starts with the same essential questions.  

“What is your core expertise? What are you really good at?”

Here is why this open ended question is such a staple in our interview structure, and why you should be prepared to answer it!

  • It gives the interviewer a chance to learn what the candidate views as their greatest talent and contribution to their current company. Although a resume highlights important job functions, this question dives into the most important details of their background.
  • The question steers the rest of the conversation. The interviewer will be able to adapt their questions to what their core expertise is, and think about how they can use that skill potentially in the open role.
  • It will become clear quickly if this candidate is the right fit for the role. The simple question allows the candidate to go into detail about what they believe is their strongest assets that they want to carry over into their next career opportunity.
  • The interviewer genuinely wants the candidate to find a job that highlights their greatest skills. If this isn’t the right role, the interviewer can oftentimes refer them to other openings that are a better fit.

So if you’re going into an interview soon, or know somebody that is, make sure to have a strong answer prepared for this question! My advice for answering this question? Be honest. If you are truly passionate about something, let the interviewer hear it. That helps the interview process on both ends determine if this is the right career move.

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